•I want to appreciate the small things in life, like the sound of the birds in the morning and the way the sky varies in colour•


halloween’s coming early on tumblr

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these are so much better than the Ten Commandments like god damn

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Anonymous asked: I bet there's more stuff to do in Dundee than in Inverness though hahah


yeah I bet there is, still rather boring 🔫

Anonymous asked: Hahaha I could say the same about Inverness hahah A lot of people up here say Dundee is a nice place as well haha So am I haha every time I try to learn a new song I think I'm the worst music player in the world cause I can't play, then like a while later I finally play it good once, then much later I can I actually play it hahah


ahahah yeah I wouldn’t call it nice here 😂 ah yeah I guess I should have some patience

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I wish I had the ‘wow’ effect on someone.
Anonymous asked: Ooh Dundee? I've never been there what's it like? 😊 And yeah I'm lazy too haha If when I'm not playing instruments for school I'm just learning my favourite songs tbh haha


majority of its a shitehole tbh 😂 aw yeah I tried to learn songs I like, but I’m such a slow learner😭

The Pretty Reckless


I’m selling 2 general admission tickets to The Pretty Reckless at O2 Academy Glasgow, anyone?


Anonymous asked: Inverness wbu? 😊 And since I'm still in school, I only need too take 2 instruments so I play keyboard and xylophone haha I can play guitar, bass and drums a bit too though😊


aw nice, im from dundee :’) wow, i wish i could play an instrument but i’m too lazy to teach myself :(

Anonymous asked: Aw having kittens are so cute! And I like fall out boy and music in general too! I live in Scotland too, I just turned 17 a bit ago and I really like playing/listening music too:)


aw whereabouts in Scotland?☺️ and what instrument(s) do you play?☺️

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